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SGI VPro VR3 vs "Odyssey" VPro

(Perhaps Ian would be the one to shed some light on this, but there's probably others out there)

I was reading a bit on Wikipedia regarding nVidia Quadro series of graphics and stumbled upon this:

In a settlement of a patent infringement lawsuit between SGI and NVIDIA, SGI acquired rights to speed binned NVIDIA graphics chips which they shipped under the VPro product label. These designs were completely separate from the SGI Odyssey based VPro products initially sold on their Irix workstations which used a completely different bus.

That last sentence doesn't rule out completely that it was the same chips, just that they "used a completely different bus".

So, anyone know anything more regarding this? Is this really an Odyssey with AGP bus or am I'm dreaming?
How similar was those initial GeForce (256) and Quadro series? Or was it NV1-based chips that was crafted out of IR-based graphics genes?

Got this quote from a YouTube comment:
I remember in 1996 when the SGI InfiniteReality was first demo'ed. Ten times the performance of RealityEngine2, and over 10 million texture-mapped polys a sec. On TV they showed a sweeping view of a mountain, it was jaw dropping. Years later, I read that Nvidia NV10 (GeForce 256) which was released in 1999, was designed by SGI's InfiniteReality team. They had joined Nvidia. Another group from SGI broke away to form ArtX. They designed GameCube's graphics then got bought by ATI.
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VPro™ V3 (GeForce 256)
VPro™ VR3 (Quadro)
VPro™ V7 (Quadro2 MXR)
VPro™ VR7 (Quadro2 Pro)

There's probably also a V5 based on GeForce 2 (guessing by the VW230 drivers).

Except for IrisVision I don't know about any other SGI graphics ported to PC.
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VPro for the PC was nothing like VPro/ODYSSEY. Odyssey did connect via XIO rather than AGP, but the differences didn't end there.

ODYSSEY is a completely SGI design targeted at the high-end desktop market using two custom SGI ASICS (PC VPro used a single nVidia ASIC that had everything in it). The main chip was BUZZ and included the majority graphics pipeline, the second was called PB&J and while I haven't found information on it specifically I think it was primarily the DG portion (Display Generator), whereas BUZZ was geometry, raster and texture.

Odyssey blew the contemporary nVidia offerings away.
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Yes, while I do know most of the Odyssey graphics, I don't know anything about those (early) nVidia stuff... That is, very early GeForce and Quadro.
Since nVidia aquired most of the IR-folks and SGI at that time "teamed up" with nVidia, how much technology was transferred into (integrated) silicon as the first NV GPUs?
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