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live mp3 streaming

Hi there, I was wondering if anyone has come up with a way to stream mp3s to a shoutcast/icecast server. If you have, please explain in detail :)

On a side note, I saw an MPlayer blog on the main page, and it links to a tardist that was created in january of this year: MPlayer 0.90rc3

However, the link is now dead, does anyone have this tardist hanging around or perhaps a more recent version.

I've got the tardist, but would like to hear from Timo or Neko if I should FTP it in.
squeen wrote: I've got the tardist, but would like to hear from Timo or Neko if I should FTP it in.

That would be Timo's call - I wouldn't want to host one of his packages without permission.
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Thanks guys, I have since gotten the mplayer tardist.

I've still not come up with any streaming solutions-

I've compiled the liveice XMMS plugin, but it doesn't seem to be working as it should. I get no error messages, it connects to the icecast server but never streams audio.

Has anyone successfully streamed to an Icecast/Shoutcast server from within irix? I think the only setback is that most streaming utilities expect /dev/audio and we dont have such a device to link to. Is there perhaps a way to emulate it?
I don't know if its me who dont know the different terms in streaming .. but do you want to listen to netradio or do you want to broadcast?

if you want to listen you can use xaudio, and ofcourse there is a realplayer for irix aswell.

-- I hope that helped somewhat..

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I would like to broadcast for xmms/winamp players through the use of liveice or shoutcast
You can also stream MP3s with Darwin Streaming Server.
Or, at least, it should work although I haven't tried it with the Irix version (I compiled it, but I haven't tested it exclusively)
For DSS, look in the file section here on Nekochan under the 'nvukovlj' directory.